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Tips for catchy keyword research

In offline business, customers and prospects will come to you directly for enquires. In online business, the keywords will lead the traffic to you. Both of these approaches are important especially in the modern times. In fact, it is best when the online approach comes first. While keywords are key in directing online traffic to your site, people always experience challenges when compiling the best phrases. Keywords are not permanent. They change as people adopt new lifestyles. Once you have your effective keywords, it’s not the end, go on researching for more upcoming keywords to remain at the top spot.Keywords_research

  • What are keywords?

It might be that you don’t know what we are talking about. Well, it’s not a complex thing. What you type in on google search represents an example of a keyword. It might be one word, two words or even a phrase. These days, long tail keywords are also available and are most effective. If you are wondering how these words are important, wonder no more. Keywords form the starting point of all other search engine optimisation strategies and traffic attraction. You don’t get traffic for keywords belonging to another niche different from yours. You only get clicks from relevant searches. Google will rely on keywords at the initial stages of filtering.

  • Customize your keywords to your brand

Best keywords create the impression of the marketer. You should own your keywords and not share them with your competitors. Sharing keywords with some of the big companies will only frustrate you with visitors opting for the familiar company. To make this work for you, let your phrases include your niche, your brand names, your products and your location. When google will be crawling and indexing your site, it will get a narrowed down description from your keywords leading to no other company than yours.keyword-research

  • Spy your competitors

The people you are competing with probably have made the job easy for you. It makes no sense to shut your eyes and see them shine high. You can gain from their efforts by customizing your keywords to include what you may be missing out. Beware not to copy paste keywords though. It will give a negative impact on your site.

  • Know how to use keywords

You may have discovered some of the most recent keywords with keyword research and expert help. The problem however may arise in the application bit of it. Don’t be tempted to over use the keywords. It won’t work. Also, allow some room for misspelling. Even if a visitor gets it wrong in typing, you will still be the number one site and very relevant. Again, keep updating the keywords with time. Making the keywords too short will limit you while you have all the room left free.

After you are conversant with your work, be patient and wait for the keyword to bring results.

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