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Questions to ever ask tenants during screening

Questions and their answers is how people learn more about each other. When we interact, we may love each other or things may turn out the other way round. Don’t expect that everybody out there is suitable to be your companion. What they do, what they love and their style may not be the way you like it. If you are searching for a friend, consider searching again. Landlords are under pressure to get the right tenants for their vacant apartments. They know how it works for an uncooperative fellow and how smooth it is with ideal tenants. None of them wants to gamble around bringing in just about anyone. Those who are allowed in must undergo screening and pass. Questions that remain essential during screening are discussed hereof.

  • What is your reason to move?

For everything sane humans do, there is a reason. Moving is one of the tasks that people don’t want to carry on with often. It comes with huge costs and stress. No one will do it without a reason. The reason you get as the answer will determine whether you have met the ideal tenant or yet. Some of the reasons are reasonable and innocent. These are considered legitimate and landlords should be looking for these. A person moving due to job relocation poses no risk to the landlord. Another person seeking more space for the bigger family makes sense. However, one who has been evicted leaves one to wonder. Conflict with previous landlords is also a defective answer. Some will come complaining about their lifestyles and how much life is difficult. Be wary of the last three classes of people. They will not bring any good with them.screening-tenants

  • How much do you earn?

By the rule of the thumb, one must be receiving three times the rent as salary. One receiving less monthly salary will have problems with affordability. You can use your basic math to determine if one will afford the rent without conflicts or not. Don’t however believe any figure given to you. Get into the serious business instead. As for credit reports and pay slips. One may have enough pay but far too many debts and deductions per month which makes their final income very low. Such people will start talking about paying in installments. Be wise, don’t accept such.

  • When are you moving in?

How you plan your move is important to the landlord. In fact, landlords like to work with best planners who can give notices in due time. If one is not sure when he/she is to move in, they are not serious about the move. It means they are yet to give a notice at their current place of residence. That landlord will have problems with a last minute move notice. That will also happen to you if you allow that person in.

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