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Beard Styles For 2017 – Still Trendy?

Stylish Beard in 2017

We have actually all observed that trends in facial hair come and go. Some males ignore them totally and make decisions on an impulse, while others prefer to remain up-to-date, specifically if they operate in an occupation where professionalism comes first and foremost. Many others are obliged to take advantage of Movember (and Decembeard) or other seasonal opportunities to grow out their facial hair. For tips on growing your beard follow the link for more information.

Decembeard: Grow Your Beard in December For Prostate Cancer

http://www.manlycurls.com/2013/12/decembeard-grow-beard-trimmer-december-movember-prostate-cancer/Decembeard is another prostate cancer awareness month following Movember. Decembeard involves growing a beard during December with the aim of raising awareness about prostate cancer and men’s health. Read this guide to Decembeard and even what beard trimmer to use to keep your beard epic during this month!

Decembeard is, in my opinion, a cooler version of Movember and also carries a good word, the word of emphasizing men’s health worldwide and especially prostate cancer awareness. Decembeard is not as recognized worldwide as Movember, but surely there is a group of us who know of it and use the power of da internetz to promote Decembeard. Read more…

There is little doubt that there are a growing number of individuals– both males and females– taking interest in this subject. Suave Grooming recently talked to popular style and charm experts concerning their thoughts on facial hair. Venessa, founder of We The Classy states, “I’m a fan of males using their facial hair to show their design and I believe lots of people are thrilled for this variable to be in the spotlight as of late.”

Facial hair provides guys the opportunity to express themselves and to “equip” in methods they might not have the ability to otherwise. It’s a statement about who they are and how they want to be viewed by others.

But one concern stays: Is the beard still in, or is it heading out of style? Are we going back to stubble or a clean-shaven appearance? Exactly what is the future of facial hair?

Browse the term “beard” in Google Trends, and you will quickly discover that questions related to beards have been seeing a relatively steady climb from 2011 onwards.

An even much faster growing trend is the term “beard styles“, which has also been on a major development curve. There are clearly more males looking into the best ways to wear their beards than before – and taking a look at the pictures in the search results page, there aren’t too many “designs” that should frighten you away.

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