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Billie Jean. Directed by Spencer Charles & @taylor_rnngnd . Starring @aintamodel . Set design and styling by @immskye . Coming Sept 21th on @runengund #billiejean #vanity #runengund #kreativezenith #spencercharles

I pop it slow, I rock and roll like Bon Jovi

Briana Shanee

Shot by Spencer Charles

Briana Shanee 

Shot by Spencer Charles


Girls at Afro Punk

Wow, I posted this a year ago when I covered Afropunk for Soletron. I didn’t know it had these many notes. FYI, I wasn’t doing photography yet when I did this, just a writer with a camera and some beautiful brooklyn girls. 

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Who is the model that has over 1k of likes and reblogs! Its a shower photoshoot, just says Charles across it, and 8 or more photos. Do you not give credit to all your models? Photos so naked and beautiful with no credit, I wonder how she must feel.

A question by Anonymous

I give credit to models. I always give credit on IG. And if I have their tumblr, I tag them. For the picture you’re talking about, her name is Dani I believe. At the time, I didn’t have a tumblr for her. But I posted the picture on IG with her name. My apologies to her though. I know I hate when people remove my name from post. Sometimes I do forget. Glad you liked the picture though.

Back to Atlanta

I’ll be back in Atlanta tomorrow. Hit me up for shoots.