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Cigarette Song. 

Shot by Spencer Charles 

Photography by Spencer Charles 

My homie Nique said i’m the new Jonathan Mannion. I’m trying to live up to that. I use to tape all those album covers and Source magazine articles to my wall. 

Money Makin’ Nique

Shirt by piece gods 

Shot by Spencer Charles

Jasmine Mans in Atlanta.

It always takes a long time for me to get my ideas out of my head. I’ve been playing with the idea of Billie Jean for quite some time now. Who is Billie Jean? From the way she’s described in the Michael Jackson song, the’s almost a villain. But listening closer to his lyrics, she’s kind of a victim. And she’s kind of a representation of a lot of girls today. She’s looking for something. She’s for someone. She’s looking for some kind of validation. She finds it in sex. She finds it in vanity. It’s gonna take me awhile to get this idea out completely. Because it’s still developing in my head. Nevertheless, here is part one of Billie Jean. 

it’s directed by myself and my friend Taylor Brown. It stars my muse, Neicy aintamodel. Production assistance by Jasmine Clay. Styling and set design by Skye Williams. 

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I’m going to make this a series. Not just Billie Jean, but other females from songs. I don’t have a title yet. So if you think of one, let me know.