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Akt Now: Akt Now: Spencer Green

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for and featured in this German art magazine. Still mind blowing to me. It’s in German, but check it out please. Google translate is your friend. Some of the words are still messed up when translated but for the most part, it’s all there and it’s really cool. This came out just in time. I was having a rough week. Just another confirmation from God that i’m not a complete screw up and i’m doing something right. 

Could you please post some single pictures? I love your work but sometimes the photosets are too large and don't do the work justice. Your images in my opinion are strong enough to stand alone.

A question by Anonymous

Thanks, I appreciate that. I’ll do so. 

Make me want you… Make me miss you… Make me wonder where you are, then forget you…

Model: Kay

Photography: Spencer Charles

I’m going to do a collection of portraits of young black men. Black boys. Street Style photos, hood kids, college kids, babies, etc. They think we’re disposable. They kill niggas and don’t think twice about. I just want my young boys to know they’re art too. That I see God in them.